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Welcome to​ the Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling CPCAB Level 4 course offered by DS Counselling Training.  Your course tutors - Debbie Owen and Sharon Hills will accompany you over the next two academic years to becoming a qualified counsellor.


Successful completion of the course will allow you to work in a Counselling Service Agency, providing therapeutic counselling, within the context of that agency’s service framework.

    This Diploma will provide you with...

  • Coherent vocational and professional counselling training​. 
  • A competence-based training which highlights the development of skilled practice via experiential learning. 
  • Specific training for the role of a counsellor in an Agency.
  • The opportunity to learn a wide range of counselling theories and approaches


We look forward to working with you and hope you enjoy this next stage of your professional training.

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