Previous students comments completing the CPCAB Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling...

"The Level 4 Diploma was like a life journey to me. I felt like I found a second home for these 2 years. We cried together, we laughed together and we have grown so much together. I am proud to have been a DS Student and I know that I will always have support from my tutors and peers no matter where the life takes me".
I. Stale
"I feel Sharon and Debbie brought life, joy and empowerment to my personal and professional development on the Diploma course. I have found their knowledge, experiences and the way they work together to be such as positive and nurturing space. I feel any student would be lucky to be taught by them and cannot thank them enough for my journey so far".
E. Brand
"I just couldn't think of 2 better people to provide the highest quality and training in this area...
I think this is a wonderful and much needed provision and I know that all the students who have the privilege of coming under your care in years to come will be greatly blessed and well prepared for their futures in this profession. 
I know you shared with us how proud you were of our achievements throughout the course, but this is my opportunity to tell you both how very chuffed and proud of you I feel for 'going with your gut' and stepping out to bring a much needed change within counselling training provision and truly setting the bar going forward..."                    
K. Seager  

"I like that Sharon and Debbies' approach differs and we see different ways of doing things and appreciate the balance this brings to our learning. Great Team!"

A. Barden



"Can't really say what its meant to me - BIG-

Thanks, love, warm wishes, all too small"






"Thank you for believing in me and helping me to believe in myself. This course prepared me to be the person I have always wanted to be".

C. LeHegarat.



"Debbie and Sharon are exceptional tutors, with a vast amount of knowledge and experience that they gently bestow upon their students. They are always supportive and encouraging, helping students to build an exceptionally strong foundation on which to build their own knowledge and achievements. They are experts in quelling any anxieties, and their belief in you builds your confidence to the point of true self-belief. They are an inspirational pair whose dynamics promise a rich, fun and lively experience. I highly recommend them!"

G. Ochman



"I am convinced you teach us, setting the bar higher than may be expected and if I'm right - thank you. I feel so lucky to have been taught by you, as I feel we have had one of the best foundations. I am aware of how I have grown and that is because you have always been congruent with me and 'us' the group".

M. Swingler



"These two ladies are not only great tutors that are bursting with knowledge and teach to a high, professional standard but are also respectful and allow you as a person to grow in a safe and welcoming environment. (Important notes to future students - work is handed back promptly marked so as you know where you are, Debbie and Sharon are approachable, always willing to help with anything you may need and very supportive around exam time). I will certainly be attending workshops with them in the future as part of my ongoing CPD." 

L Setterfield













" The diversity of the tutors and the course content has been vital towards my learning. Debbie and Sharon have been nothing other than supportive and I felt that they were on our Diploma journey with us. My thanks to both of you."

C. Bush



" I feel proud that Debbie and Sharon were my tutors and I would have no hesitation in recommending anyone onto one of their courses"

B. Starkey



"The journey is a personal one. Everyone in my group passed their exam first time. I was working in placements with students from other courses who were not as fortunate.

I will be forever grateful to Sharon and Debbie. The course changes values and beliefs. It changes relationships. It changes perspectives. I for one am far more open to the world, far more forgiving and far more accepting. The core conditions are now part of who I am.

On top of this life changing experience, I have gained a family. The bond our group formed along the way, is one that will never be forgotten. Peers are a key element to this course. Nowhere else will you ever experience such unconditional positive regard!"

R. Tomassi-Bella



"I really liked the interactive piece of work based on concepts of self - Phenomenological self, Self actualising etc. Brilliant!

Returning marked work promptly - a joy."

K. Checkley



"Thank you so much for being with me on my journey - personal and learning. I have loved having you as my tutors - professional and a credit to the counselling profession. What role models!"

B. Armstrong










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